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2020.11.24 17:01 DiscoGrind Wait what? Other channels on the search page.

Wait what? Other channels on the search page.
Is this normal? If I try to search for something in the GN channel other channels appear first (I'm not even subscribed to them). This doesn't happn in any other channels I've trid.
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2020.11.23 15:46 Sithianlord Took 3000 mg of ibuprofen

All that happned was I woke up with ringing in my ears. Cant even do this right.
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2020.11.22 23:59 magictruelove What should of been what is

I wish you were my Prince chameing when i was as a kid you never came after me you were good friend of mine who never made move on me i will never know you felt about me you never told me in your own words your eyes gave you away you liked me the way i liked you one again we will never know how you felt about me back then you forgotten about me by now since we are grown ups now have our own lifes with one we call ok our true love that we been looking for since we were kids if you were mine you would remember me and still be in my life now days you are gone you been gone for long time i can't get you back in my life i cant forget about us what we were to each other now days we wont ever be more than what we were before everything happned beings in our life without being here for each other as friends or more then friends
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2020.11.22 17:27 MitsosDaTop Why do i get an error when trying to optimize the mean value?

Hi guys,
im new with this tool and trying to optimize a signal. When i choose upper boundary, it works fine and gives me an optimized output. Trying the same but with mean, im getting this error and i cant even allocate where it is happnning ?

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2020.11.22 14:57 rzil85 Shiranui Spiritmaster rulling.

Hello, im currently playing Duel Links, and would like to hear your opinion about a situation that happns evreytime. Im playing BW deck, and when Obsidian Hawkjoe is on the field with other BW monster card, its always gets destroyed when spiritmaster is removed from game, without letting me activating its effect(when targeted for and attack or by card effect, change the targeting effect/attack to an appropritae BW monster). Spiritmasters effect clearly says target.
Exemple: attacking Shiranui Sunsaga, sunsaga activates it effect to avoid destruction, damage calculation ends, then spiritmaster is removed, and hawk joe is targted and destroyed without letting me activating its effect.
Other exemple, an easy one, opponent activating Ceramony of katton(cont trap- you can banish fire monater from your grave, then target one card from opponent grave and banish it), banish spiritmaster, banish random card from my grave, spiritmaster removed, then targeting hawkjoe and destroying it.
Is it a when timing situation when hawkjoe misses it timing? Or bug?
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2020.11.22 01:13 GodNihilus Living or dieing with cptsd

I suffered years of sexual abuse and with a pretty broken family, I moved out, had some ups but still I cant sleep and currently Im too paranoid to go outside without a gun or knife (if I travel further as I cant carry a gun legally). I had a Job and many friends before but I got suicidal again, took drugs to keep on with all that. Lots of Events and some tries happned inbetween. Im on the way to get better or at least im trying it just doesnt feel like it ever really will get better even that I try to stay hopeful. I get better then feel suicidal for a while until it trigger a random try, last month It was ODing on opioids and alcohol. Its like no matter even if my Environment Was perfect and I would be rich in the end I just wanna die. I usually dont at all feel Bad for anything I ever did, If its drugs or hurting someone, but that I caused my Best friend to get abused too to then just hide still bothers me. Watching her go silent and anorexic, hurting herself. We did drugs together, I dont think she really wanted, she just thought I would or could protect her, but I didnt I made her life and future so much worse
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2020.11.20 01:56 Fyeahoctober Base Game Maps Are Gone

I have no mods installed in my sims 4 mod folder so I'm not sure why this is happening. I do have a handful of DLC installed though, I'm not sure if that could be the reason. The repair option is unavaiable through origin and the only thing that has happened to my game as of late is the update. Is this a me problem or has this happned to anyone else? If so how did you fix it?
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2020.11.19 17:33 hedgey1998 Has anyone got any tips on regaining trust once it's been lost? (m21)

(21m)unfortunately I've made some mistakes recently and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on regaining trust in a relationship? I understand it's a slow progress and that some things can't be forgiven. However, I'm willing to do everything I can to make things better for me and my partner.
I won't go into detail about what's happned as it's long and complicated. I haven't cheated or been unfaithful in any way. Just want to say that first. Overall It's mostly been due to issues with communication on my end and how I've been unintentionally immature and insensitive with how I've dealt with the situation. Nevertheless I've come to realise my errors and gained much more perspective. I've also learned to be much more sensitive and try to think more and be careful before I say things. I promised my partner that if I do make the same mistakes again I understand she will have to leave me. Therefore I know I'm not going to repeat the past.
The problem is, I've really hurt my partner because of these mistakes. I can apologise and say I've changed all I want but unfortunately that doesn't regain trust. Fortunately, even though she's hurt. My partner is still feeling hopeful about our relationship which is good. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on how I can slowly regain trust over time? I love my girlfriend very much and I'm personally feeling optimistic about our future but I admittedly still have moments when I feel very ashamed and abit insecure.
All answers are appreciated in advance :)
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2020.11.19 05:02 Tinydawwg Had a rush of tingling sensation start in my chest then up my face to my forhead, now my teeth feel weird

It just happned. I often get a rush of tingling or shock type feeling and then it goes away. This one felt a little different
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2020.11.19 02:55 iceburg-toaster i ruin every friendship i have

(19m) my first reddit post ever lol. this might not be the exact right sub either, but. throughout all my years of school (dropped out in 11th grade, got my ged) i was always really outgoing, very funny, had a lot of aquaintances and a core group of close friends. but i always had some deep rooted trauma that i suppressed, and one thing that has stayed consistent is that i seem to be the one who ruins friendships/relationships with nearly everyone. ive had lots of girlfriends through hs, (still a virgin tho so thats great -.-) and definently fell for one or two, but i always found a way to overthink what was going on and break up with them, or do something i knew would make them break up with me. it would be over the dumbest shit or most insignificant shit, and im starting to think im just scared of commitment or something. a similar thing has happned to all of my friendships too, i always find a way to fuck it up, usually over petty shit.
after highschool, i got a kitchen job which ate up all my free time, started spending way too much time at home or work, and saw almost no strangers in my day to day. eventually i gained a lot of weight and developed a pretty annoying amount of anxiety with new people, especially people i WANT to talk to/ impress maybe. if i want to go talk to a girl or anyone really, i get this massive sinus headache, overthink, and immediately find an escape. it makes me feel so weak. i want to see myself as a strong masculine person, but i feel weak. physically i dont really have a problem with myself, im strong, and have lost 70 pounds since i quit the resteraunt (250-180) and a lot of that 180 is muscle now (im still a lik chunky tho but arnt we all)
point is, ive burnt my bridge with every girl ive ever been interested in, and i havnt been invited to hangout with anyone in a long time. one of my best friends killed himself recently, and the others arnt really there anymore. i just feel lost, and i feel like its my fault.
any input is welcome and appreciated, thank you guys
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2020.11.17 09:12 ComicBookNoob Hey guys. Secret War question here

How did the incursion happened? Im kind of confuse as im reading some Secret Wars lead up like the first three issues of New Avengers by Hickman. So the problem here is that worlds are colliding? From what i understand, like how Reed explained, there is an alternate universe in the multiverse that cause a destruction that affects every other universes, right? Correct me if im wrong. But what universe is this? And what caused this? And if im completely wrong, can someone correct me and explain in detail how it happned?
Bonus question: So im basically reading the Secret Wars Prelude book(skipped the old secret war part as i read it already). What do i read next? Im planning to read Time Runs Out then jump to Secret wars.
Note: I wanna read lead ups BUT make sure not a lot of issues and is trying to keep reading the lead up short
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2020.11.17 00:17 Mental_Camel_5993 Is my girlfriend playing a prank on mr or am I going crazy

This is a throwaway as my girlfriend knows my reddit I dont know if this goes here but I'm so confused and I think I'm going crazy and need some opinion (also sorry I'm on mobiel and English isnt my first language )
So me and my girlfriend recently finished playing a game she said it was fine but I loved it I kept searching things about it and just chatting with the community about the game and it's going well
Until a few weeks ago
So [email protected] here has been pretty chill and my wife wanted to invite some off her friends a groupe off her friends over I was hesitant at first but she said they all will test themself befor coming here so I agreed her friend came and I was like yeha its fine
That was until I woke up next today and the wired stuff started happening her friends were acting VERY similar to the characters in the game we played first it was mostly just personality wise but than they started acting and dressing like them but with their variation off cloths
They would speak like the characters act like them like let's say one of the characters is really violent and aggressive one off her friends was like that let's say one was always tired but became very aggressive after she had coffee that also happned
I told my girlfriend and she says its probly because I spent so much time playing the game I point out the similarities and she said I'm just to focused on the game
Now I did spent a lot off time going over the game finding a secret talking with other people about it so I feel like she may be doing this as revenge or something but than also this would just be petty and really dangerous in the middel off covid this is why I need help
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2020.11.16 21:56 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: RT @Thomas1774Paine: Where is Barr? Where is Wray? This is what happns when you pick Deep State puppets to work in your cabinet et al. https://t.co/njijHROOF8

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2020.11.16 21:36 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: Where is Barr? Where is Wray? This is what happns when you pick Deep State puppets to work in your cabinet et al. https://t.co/njijHROOF8

Thomas1774Paine: Where is Barr? Where is Wray? This is what happns when you pick Deep State puppets to work in your cabinet et al. https://t.co/njijHROOF8 submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed [link] [comments]

2020.11.16 19:47 Benzzino Galera, preciso de uma ajuda com dois aplicativos de celular que ficam carregando eternamente, mas não entram.

Galera, preciso de uma ajuda com dois aplicativos de celular que ficam carregando eternamente, mas não entram.
Não sei se foi alguma atualização que fiz que causou isso, mas o fato é que nem o app Happn e nem o app do banco estão funcionando. Quando clico neles, ficam carregando eternamente e não entram.
Alguém tem alguma ideia de qual possa ser o problema?
PS: o modelo do celular é Motorola g8.
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2020.11.16 05:43 stormingin brain zaps/ hearing frequencies/ creating energy???

so i tried shrooms last night and it wasn’t a lot. I didn’t eat much that day and was dehydrated so it could’ve heightened it. i was laying in bed just thinking about everything, i slowly started falling asleep. i felt unconscious but not 100%, i was thinking of happy childhood memories and i could hear like uplifting instrumental music in my head building based off of the mood of the memories. the tone kept changing which i’d never felt before and i consciously let myself know i was probably peaking and to relax. So i made myself very calm and out of nowhere i heard these really loud painful frequencies or like static from those old boxy TVs from inside my ears. I was asleep then out of nowhere i felt like an electric shock throughout my entire body wake me up. but with my eyes closed i saw a quick light along with the shock. the best way i can describe it is like those boxy TVs turning off or on. then i was awake and very confused i sat up and looked at my cat that was sleeping at the edge of the bed. i tried to slide him off so i can pull more blanket out from under him but i got zapped. i didn’t understand what was happening and thought my eyes tricked me, so i tried again. but i touched the blanket instead of the cat and wherever my fingers touched there were sparks. like zaps coming from my fingers. but this time no electricity just light, i could feel a light buzzing but i didn’t get shocked. i know it’s sounds crazy. im trying to understand what the fuck happned. so while this is happening i’m trying to be rational, thinking that maybe because of the itchy sweater i was wearing id produced a static charge while i shifted in my sleep or i was just seriously peaking. but i looked at my cat and he was just staring at my fingers making these random flashes of light. his head was jerking at each finger as if i was pointing a laser. i remember telling myself that i had to be dreaming but it wasn’t until i saw my cat looking at my fingers that validated what i was seeing. i have no idea how to explain what the actual fuck that was or what was happening. anyone have anything remotely similar?? or explanation please???
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2020.11.15 20:26 MuelMane So thats what happned

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2020.11.15 13:15 guru777777 What the hell happned to my legends!

Idk what is wrong but my im puyol never seems to tackle someone...my kahn does not save anything...van basten and rummie blast everything off target even one one with keepers..changed 2 3 managers got full familiarity and team spirit both manger and players...mainly im puyol and kahn seems so bad specially puyol idk whats wrong
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2020.11.15 13:06 BasaltOnFire Any Data once entered in Block chain cannot be deleted, isnt this total privacy nightmare for the unaware?

I wish someone had told me about this VERY VERY VERY important piece of information beforehand
Blockchain comes with the concept of keeping the data or transactions decentralized. This means all your data is recorded forever in a network of computers. Data, once sent to a blockchain network, cannot be deleted or removed from all the systems.
And this has happned with me, I was looking for youtube alternatives and I came upon dtube, everyone told me about its good features and how its great privacy etc, Unfortunatly for me I uploaded an video without checking and it contained some personal information, due to my carelessness when I realsied that later, I tried to delete it. To my shock I found you cant delete anything that has once entered Blockchain. I tried my lever best in getting that video deleted as it layed my private details bare, I contacted mods, I even tried underhanded sneky ways to get it reported as NSFW porn to get that video deleted. Nothing worked.
So from a priacy perspective if you are on a decentrlised network of public blog post or twitter fork and in stupidity you write some personal info or some things that you regret posting or lets say for simplicity's sake that a simple spelling error.
Its then impossible to get that message changed or deleted. so it might be privacy oriented for those who "know" are aware and activly practice safe, but what about rest of us.
account created there cannot be ever be deleted and that information is for forever. How about someone wants to take revenge on you and has in access some private videos, your stalkeharasser can create a imporsonated account and upload videos or stuff which can never be deleted or taken down?
thats like ultimate privacy nightmare, even facebook pretends to delete your data from visible surface of the web, though who knows what they are doing with thier own private hidden copy. ugh
Why isnt this warning shoved down at your throat at every possible oppurtunity that
Be very aware of what you are sending to blockchain, it can never be deleted or changed ever again no matter what, there is simply no UNDO
due to this horrible experience, i stay as "plague" away from anything Blockchain releated like Matrix Riot etc. Can my personal messages ever be deleted, what if I send something wrong can it get ever erased?
so privacy point of view in above information, isnt Blockchain privacy nightmare that information will always remail online for eons without the ability to delete it?
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2020.11.15 05:45 gaurav247 WHAT SORT OF MAZZALINI IS HAPPNING HERE 🙄

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2020.11.14 15:04 Arachnium_lol I went afk to clean my room up and this happned today...

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2020.11.14 09:21 TheGougConsortium Dating Apps Have Killed What Little Self Esteem I Had Left.

I'm not attractive, painfully average on a good day. I'm not tall, not muscular either. I don't have much love for myself at all really and for the last 3/4 years I've been using dating apps off and on (Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Badoo, Match, PoF) since I've never met people irl who have any personal interest in me.
I've probably had no more than 10 matches, all who have never gotten past a day or two of talking. I see posts on subs about matches they get, things they say which always receives positive responses. Yet for me, becuase Im not tall, or muscular, or handsome, I never get anywhere.
Its gotten to the point where I know its all my fault. I'm not happy being alone, but using these apps have made me feel so much worse for how I perceive myself.
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